A little louder for
you lot in the cheap seats at the back! 

EYUP – I’m Jessica, Yorkshire lass born and bred, and a designer of the Graphic kind based in and around Glasgow. For subtitles, please press 1… *BEEP*

I’m a Middleweight Graphic Designer, looking for my next role. In my career so far, I have worked in two very different roles within the design industry, most recently as a creative designer and previously in a direct designer to client relationship, covering projects from briefing through to production. I am highly organised and very comfortable working in a direct client to designer role, and building rapport and maintaining those relationships is a really satisfying part of my job.

I spend most of my time creating and working within existing design systems, particularly focused on typography, layout, and all the details in between. I’ve worked with brands both large and small – delivering projects across print and digital.

I studied at the University of Lincoln on their BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme and have been working in the design industry for over 8 years, primarily in London. In the past, I’ve enjoyed worked with numerous organisations including the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Finance Climate Change Committee (UNFCCC), London Stock Exchange Group (LSE/LSEG), the Royal Horticultural Society, Barnes RFC Women, and Mahogany Opera Group.

400 Communications
dleweight Designer | July 2022–Present

Premm Design
Designer | Nov 2017–July 2022

Junior Designer | Nov 2015–Nov 2017
Design Intern | July–Nov 2015

Featured ’Student’s to watch’ | 2015, Design Juices
Exhibited, Show Fourteen | 2014, University of Lincoln
Best Awards | 2014, University of Lincoln
Exhibited, Show Fifteen | 2015, University of Lincoln
Published | 2015, ‘Bloody Hell’ Collaborative non-profit zine
Wooden Spoon, Worst at Top Golf | 2019, Premm Summer Bash