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I’m Jessica and please excuse the northern tones.
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I’m a designer of the Graphic kind, working at a London design agency, Premm Design. I spent most of my time creating and working within design systems and working closely with typography, layout, and all of the details in between. I’ve worked with brands, large and small, on projects across print, web, and some product. In the past, I’ve worked with XX, XX, XX and XX. I am very comfortable working in a direct client design role and building rapport with said clients is a really wonderful part of my job. 

I studied at the University of Lincoln on their BA(Hons) Graphic Design programme and have been working in the design industry for just over 6 years now. 

Premm Design
Design Intern | July – Nov 2015
Junior Designer | Nov 2015 – Nov 2017
Designer | Nov 2017 – Present

Featured ’Student’s to watch’ | 2015, Design Juices
Exhibited, Show Fourteen | 2014, University of Lincoln
Best Awards | 2014, University of Lincoln
Exhibited, Show Fifteen | 2015, University of Lincoln
Published | 2015, ‘Bloody Hell’ Collaborative non-profit zine
Wooden Spoon, Worst at Top Golf | 2019, Premm Summer Bash