March 23, 2014

The Ritz Cinema.

Edgar Wright's - The Cornetto Trilogy.

As many of you may know, I am at university and living away from home in Lincoln. I love living away from home because you have the time to explore the new places that you live in, one of the utter gems i’ve found whilst living in Lincoln is The Ritz Cinema that is on its exciting journey of renovation and refurbishment to turn an unloved and abandoned independent cinema into a place for everyone!

Lets start with a bit of background shall we?
(Image below from The Ritz website, all the rest are my own)Image

‘Laying dormant for well over a decade the building houses the dust covered remains of the original cinema on the upper floors and is slowly coming to life once again with the dreams and ambitions of The Ritz Team, working with the local community to realise a future which brings this magnificent building back to life as a fully operation period cinematic experience and community hub for Lincoln’s High Street once again.’


I for one have been to The Ritz a few times for theme events and day events, being a member which I am entitles you to free trilogy showings, over 30 free screenings for members throughout the year, 20% off all other tickets, pre-sale opportunities for events and 10% off at the bar (BIG BONUS!) and all for just £15 for the year! My first was the Lord of the Rings, Extended addition I might add… which was fantastic, so many people brought together for there own love of JRR Tolkien’s film adaptations, people were dressed up and the atmosphere was wonderful. My most recent visit was last night, me and my friend Jodie went to see ‘The Cornetto Trilogy’ directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. Co-stars Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Rafe Spall, Julia Deakin, Patricia Franklin and Garth Jennings are the others actors appearing in all three. The trilogy includes Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz and The World’s End.


As we entered the Lobby after being handed our lovely tickets which were designed around the concept of Vinyl’s (inspiration I’m guessing was taken from Shaun of the Dead’ we proceeded to the lobby and we’re greeted by a chap dressed as Shaun, cricket bat and all! After having a gander around the lobby to see what munchies they had for sale (can’t go to the pictures without something sweet or salty — its like the law) we headed for our seats, from previous experience of The Ritz, I know the auditorium is quite chilly due to it still having the odd bit of renovation left to do, so if you do plan on going take an extra jumper with you, you’ll thank me after! But I see this as just part of the experience, getting all snuggled up and watching a couple of films.


During the interval between instalment 2 and 3, we went to take a gander at the film memorabilia available in ‘Picture Paradise’ they have signed posters, figurines, scene frames for numerous blockbusters, tee-shirts, hats just film fanatics GALORE! I’m quite pleased to say I held back with some restraint (restraint only due to my bankcard who I think would have cut itself up if I’d tried to buy anything haha!) but its just a wonderland for film lovers! Not to mention the raffle they held to win memorabilia made by The Ritz to commemorate the night!


All in all, it was a fantastic night full of laughter and Simon Pegg, what more can I ask for on a Saturday night?! I recommend The Ritz to anyone, what they are trying and succeeding to do is make a community through film, bringing cult classics and kids showings back to Lincoln and not having people paying through the nose to do it. Visit there own website for anymore information or contact details you may need, I know I’m going back for the ‘Once Upon a Onesie’ showing of Bridget Jones on Friday, hope to see you there!

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