July 24, 2014


It’s safe to say it’s been a while guys, sorry for the delay!
After finishing this year I’ve enjoyed some well-deserved R&R. I finished the year on a high, achieving a mid 2:1 for my second year. I really put the effort into getting the grade I wanted, although university isn’t all about grades. The progression I have made this year and the amount I have learned, I’ve astounded even myself with some of the outcomes and concepts I have produced. As well as being awarded a ‘Best Award’ under the category of  ‘All Work & No Play’ nice to know the hours slaving over my mac in the studio got some recognition! Me & my friend Heather have decided we’re going to tally up the hours we spend in the studio/library over the course of 3rd year, should be interesting! I’m going to take a bet on around 700 hours, excluding class time… wouldn’t surprise me if we surpassed that massively this year, I’m considering moving my airbed into the studio for powernaps on those long nights. Only problem is, Heather & I are probably gonna be fighting over the bed itself haha!

Now. To the ‘serious’ stuff, my goals for summer are as follows:
– Build a kick-ass website/online portfolio.
– Develop and produce a final draft of my creative CV.
– Pass my driving test.
– Start initial research on dissertation: find more books on book design.
– Start a LinkedIn profile – 30 connections by Sept’14.

So far I’ve got as far as building my website, I don’t know if its ‘kick ass’ but! It’s a base I can work from, Driving test is booked and lessons are going well. Just gotta start the countdown now before its time to pack up and move back to Lincoln for what will be my final year of university. Its amazing how fast its gone, it only seems like 5 minutes ago I went to Leicester with my best friend Eleni and her mum Julie to drop her off, due to me doing an extra year at college I didn’t graduate this year like I should have, but to see my best friend dressed up in her Cap n’Gown brought a tear to my eye, due to limited tickets available I watched her receive her diploma online. I think its fantastic for them to offer live streaming of the ceremonies for friends and family who could not make the ceremony or couldn’t get tickets. But, I am so unbelievably of Eleni for graduating from De Montfort University with a BA first with honors in Advertising & Marketing. Its both exciting and terrifying that this time next year, that’s going to me. -eek!-

That’s it for now folks, hope you’re all having a fab summer. I know I am!


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