'and remember nobody respects a clock watcher!'

This year started with a question. ‘Jess, will you run Chitter Chatter?’ The magic 8 ball I was currently living my life by for a project told me ‘Absolutely’ so I did. Along with my wing-woman Nicky Carroll and help from Richard Patrick and Dan Kardasz we created a kick ass line up of design professionals from all walks of the industry. Collectives, associates, tutors, graduates, freelancers, you wanted it? we had it! The aim of the Chitter Chatter talks series was to help raise money for Show Fifteen our end of year degree show, which hell yes we did. Over £1,500 was raised by 8 successful talks and portfolio surgeries. Our line up consisted of;
Graham Jones, creative director at Loose Collective and senior lecturer at MMU.
Leanne Kitchen, designer at True North, Manchester and Lincoln graduate.
Natasha Nuttall, designer at GP Studio, London, Lincoln graduate and award winning blogger.
– Si Morrow & Stephen Woowat, Something More Design.
– Ric Gravina & Scott Oxley, Brass, Leeds and Lincoln graduates.
George Simkin, Freelance under Puck Collective, London.
John Dowling & Dave Pettitt, Lecturers at University of Lincoln.
– Matt Mear & Tom McQuillin, Landor Associates

A massive thank you to all our guests, giving up their time for us, our photographer Liam RichardsonRichard Patrick for the redesign of Chitter Chatter’15 and not to mention everyone who paid for tickets and attended the talks.